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What does religion do for us? :: essays research papers

 Â     What exactly does religion do for us? Sure, it’s a nice concept that makes one believe in other worldly things. Spirits and angels flood the heads of many children whose parents partake in the average slice and dice of Catholic smorgasbords, but what does it do for their souls? Are they all just workaholics who need a reason to be the way they are, or are they monsters merely extending a strange and open façade in order to gain acceptance in the afterlife? All the same, religion does have its effect on many.     What we can be sure of is that the preachers believe in what they’re saying. Or do they? The display of onerous, burdensome stages of guilt seem to plague most of the bible passages, but no harm is seen in the acceptance of these. Sure they are all hand-me-downs of rinse cycle lives, but who is the one to blame for all this? Is it God? Or is there one to blame for all of this? What kind of question is to be answered by this cunning display of fortitude? The fact that their focus determines their reality has nothing to do with the audience captivated by the stunning repetition so often spoke, but it often is said that it does. One should believe in such a myth because of its popularity and outright approval.     Could the choir have something to do with why religion is so popular? Do angelic voices seem to enslave mans ideals and shun them to the furthest reaches of space, or is that done himself? One must come to believe in a God he cannot see because of the hymns blissfully sung by the elder women who have retired many years ago and have nothing better to do with their time than go to choir practice. In these extraordinary hymnals, people are told how much God and Jesus love them, and that the soul is free to choose its place. It makes one wonder if they have a soul.                   


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